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Arthritis Relief Through Massage 

Massage republic Abu Dhabi

Massage therapy is commonly used as a technique to provide relaxation. Many people are unaware about the other uses of the therapy. One proven use and advantage of the massage therapy is the relief it provides to people suffering from arthritis. Arthritis mainly affects the joints in the body. The massage therapies involving various types of movements and cures can provide relief in arthritis. It is advisable to communicate to the therapist the nature of your arthritis and the affected areas. The therapist may then design the massage technique suited to your requirement. Massage republic Abu Dhabi provides various types of massage techniques that can offer relief in arthritis.

Types of massage that provide relief in arthritis

Ayurvedic Massage

The technique is an Indian health philosophy that integrates meditation, massage and yoga. It is known as abhyanga which involves full-body massage with aromatic oils. These oils are known to have healing properties.


This is a Japanese technique of massage that involves movements of kneading the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Oils are not used in this technique. The technique focuses on energy flow within the body. Blocked energy flow can cause illness and pain. The technique relies on the concept that massaging muscles and tissues helps restore energy flow and enhances the body’s ability of self healing. Massage republic Abu Dhabi provides various such massage therapies to provide relief from arthritis.

Lomi Lomi

This massage technique originated in Hawaii. It is practiced across the globe. The massage technique is used for healing and involves meditation, prayer and diet. It also involves massaging the tissues and muscles.


This is a healing philosophy which uses structural integration. It involves moving the body in certain positions. It also involves manipulating fascia tissues. The technique promotes pain relief and restores range of motion and posture. It also provides relaxation.


This technique involves applying pressure on certain areas specifically the feet and hands. This enhances healing in other body parts. Reflexology promotes pain relief and reduces anxiety and stress.

Arthritis is a severe condition. Certain massage techniques can prove useful in providing relief from the condition.

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