Indian massage in Abu Dhabi

Indian massage in Abu Dhabi

Top Massage Treatments In Abu Dhabi

Massage sessions are an excellent way to relax the soul, mind and body. Massage may be used as a cure and treatment for a number of health issues ranging from improving wellness of the body, rehabilitating sports injuries, relieving pain and providing relaxation. Abu Dhabi offers different types of massage treatments to suit individual requirements. The techniques may focus on detoxification of the body, circulation and stress reduction. Indian massage in Abu Dhabi has gained popularity due to its relaxing effects.

Few massage techniques offered in Abu Dhabi include:

Malay Massage

The massage technique has its origin in Malaysia where it was used by royal families. Nowadays, most spas in UAE offer this massage along with Abu Dhabi Indian massage. The technique involves usage of elbows and fingertips for application of kneading strokes. These long strokes apply pressure on various body parts. The Malay massage originally was performed without oils, but nowadays, most spas use aroma oils like patchouli, coconut, ginger, orange and ylang ylang for the therapy.

Hot Stone massage

The hot stone massage technique uses heated, smooth river rocks for massaging. These rocks are put on specific body areas. The therapist may also massage the body using rhythmic strokes similar to the ones used in  Indian massage in Abu Dhabi.

Chinese massage

This is an ancient massage therapy which focuses and emphasizes on certain acupressure points in the body to provide relaxation. The therapy is effective in restoring the body balance and can also treat muscular skeletal problems including fractures, back and neck pain and slip disc.

Thai massage

The Thai massage therapy draws inspiration from Ayurvedic principles and the traditional practice of yoga. For this reason it is also known as Yoga massage. It involves movements like stretching and bending. The Thai massage therapy is extremely effective in providing relief to aching joints. It also improves flexibility and helps to soothe stressed and tensed muscles. During a Thai massage session, the therapist may make use of feet, legs, knees and hands to move and stretch the body of the recipient. The treatment uses a combination of joint mobilization, muscle compression and acupressure.

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